Play Sessions


Learning to play - Playing to learn

My approach is an holistic one, creating fun experiences and opportunities through play for your child to actively participate, explore and learn.


Children should be involved actively in their own learning

My aim is to provide parents/carers with all the knowledge and skills they need to help their child be the best they can be.  

My home sessions are playful and fun, using a variety of play activities that engage your child and help them learn.  I find using this approach helps them retain information better because the process has been an enjoyable and memorable one, and most importantly, meaningful to them.


My sessions incorporate active learning through a range of evidence based approaches with an emphasis on joint attention, interaction, communication, sensory and play development. I use visual supports, as using this visual information to communicate with your child is taking advantage of how children with ASD naturally prefer to communicate


At times the sessions will be adult-led, at times child-led. You will be involved in the sessions and there will be opportunities for you to try out all the new approaches and strategies and join in with your child.